Canon AU 

(How it might have been if they had sat down and talked)

No one dies and everyone is happy, especially Merlin. Morgana still lives in her hut in the forest but visits her friends in Camelot everyone now and then. And she only curses Arthur’s existence because she has no idea what gift a king could wish for when he’s the most happy with his beloved ones surrounding him. Oh, but then she gets the most perfect idea!


Puppy AU

part i. | part ii. ( with fic) | part iii. | part iv. | part v.

Merlin and Arthur have seperated their puppies when Arthur got the fleas but when the now flea-less Arthur junior comes looking for Dragoon, he got his little heart broken. While he has been away, Dragoon has found a new cuddly friend in the stray kitten Merlin sometimes feeds.

And if that isn’t enough, Dragoon has run away this morning to look for the kitten. It’s only to be expected that Arthur junior has been mopey.

au: fuck it, everyone comes out of the water and they live happily ever after


Canon AU - older brother!knights 

The knights have unanimously adopted Merlin as their little brother. And thus, Merlin spends his days being smothered by their love and breaking off their silly fights for his attention.  


Puppy AU

After regaining his memories and finally settling in with Merlin, there’s only one thing Arthur wants now: a puppy. 

dedicated to britains-eyebrows & colinmrgn


Merlin AU

Arthur wants to see Merlin’s magic. To Merlin’s embarrassment, his magic has a total crush on his king.


Merlin AU 1930s


Merthur Party: go team yellow! | Day 7: “The Golden Age”
from king to super cool warlock Rie

Arthur finally gives in to Merlin’s request: they are going to get a cat!


AU - Arthur accepts magic

After Arthur is saved by the Sidhe, he introduces magic back into the kingdom and is not only exposed to Merlin’s powers but learns to use them for good.